Comfortable Summer Temperatures In Arizona!

Springerville RV Park is located in a very unique area.  You see, even during the hot season down in Phoenix and Tuscon, Springerville offers much cooler temperatures.  Our RV park is located at over 7,000 feet in elevation, which means a dramatic difference in temperatures compared to "The Valley."

What that means to our guests is very simple.  You don't have to leave Arizona during the hot season.  Just take a trip up into the White Mountains of Arizona and spend your summer with us!  We're located close to the Arizona White Mountains, and we're under an hour away from Show Low Arizona.

For full time RV'ers who enjoy the winter months in Phoenix, Tucson, or Yuma, Springerville offers you an alternative plan for the summer months.  You don't have to do the long drive back to the northern states or Canada.  Instead you can take the short drive up to Springerville and stay with us for the summer.

Springerville is a smaller town that offers a leisurely pace.  Our RV park is located close to medical services, shopping, several small parks, and dining as well.  Springerville RV Park's sites are extremely large, and you'll be able to easily fit whatever type of rig you have in our park.

Show Low Arizona

Show Low Arizona is located west of Springerville Arizona.  The town has all the shopping outlets RVers might need.  Several grocery chains, Wal-mart, and your standard fare of shopping.  Show Low is a little faster paced than Springerville, and busier during the summer months.  So if you're looking for a quieter place to spend your summers, Springerville might be the perfect location, while still letting you access all of the services that come with a larger town nearby.

The trip from Springerville to Show Low is about 45 minutes.  And the drive between the towns is incredibly scenic, and also allows access to the Arizona White Mountains along the way.  If you're looking to spend part of your day in town, and part of your day exploring the White Mountains, the drive may be just what you need for a full day out!

Fishing in Northern Arizona

Not only does the Springerville area offer cooler summer temperatures, it also offers great outdoor recreation opportunities.  Hunting and fishing are very popular in the region, and visitors come from far and wide to visit the lakes in the Arizona White Mountains.

The chart on the right hand side of this page lists the area lakes and what you can expect to catch with your rod & reel.  There are so many locations it could be hard to chose where to start!